61-Hour Language Immersion

A Multiple Hearing Acuity

Achieving Autonomic Muscle Control (Calming The Heartbeat)

Achieving Autonomic Muscle Control (Cooling The Forehead)

Achieving Autonomic Muscle Control (Limb Heaviness)

Achieving Autonomic Muscle Control (Limb Warming)

Achieving Autonomic Muscle Control (Rhythmic Respiration)

Achieving Autonomic Muscle Control Abdominal Warming

Activity Visualization

Alternate Nostril Breathing For Mood Control

Anchoring Favorable States In Others

Anchoring Positive States of Mind

Asking For Inner Guidance

Astral Projection Adventures

Astral Projection Techniques

Attention To Detail

Audio Telepathy

Aura Seeing

Better Breathing, Better Emotions

Body Rhythms and Cycles (Chronobiology)

Body Temperature Control

Boost A Person’s Sense Of Importance

Boosting Your Brain Power

Changing Emotions Via Odors

Changing Your Emotion Via Visualization


Cleansing Breath For Better Health

Closing Off One Of Your Senses

Color Significance


Concentration & Eidetic Imagery

Concentration For Better Focus

Concentration On Emptiness

Concentration To Relieve Stress

Connected Breathing For Increased Energy

Consciously Creating Your Emotions

Consciously Disciplining Yourself

Control The Meaning Of Words

Creating & Using Aphorisms

Creating A Positive Encouragement Tape

Creating Clarity & Duration With Visualizations

Creating Metaphors and Similes

Creative Alternatives

Creative Thinking (Aims, Goals, Objectives)

Creative Thinking (Good, Bad, Interesting)

Creative Thinking (Opposite Considerations)

Creative Uses For Everyday Things

Daily Visualization

Dealing With A Liar

Dealing With Shame, Guilt and Blame

Defusing Negative Emotional States

Developing A Photographic Memory

Developing Productivity Under Pressure

Developing Quick Thinking

Developing Synesthesia

Discerning Body Language

Discourage Procrastination, Enhance Action

Dispelling “Evil” From A Person

Distant Examinations

Divining, Dowsing and Radiesthesia

Do You Have Any Idea?

Electromagnetic Field Awareness

Electromagnetic Tactile Discernment

Eliminating Your Negative Feelings

Experiencing Another Person’s Senses

Eye Contact For Inner Communication

Eyeless Sight

Fear Reversal Imaging

Finding Things or People With Intuition

Firewalking To Embrace Fear

Functioning on Little or No ‘Sleep’ at All

Giving Helpful Responses

Group Telepathy

Guilt Reversal Visualization

Handling Criticism From People

Handling Emergency Situations

Headache Relief

High Speed Listening

Honesty For Better Clarity

Identifying Your Emotional States


Imagine and Mind Walk Your Goals

Imaging To Bring Luck & Happiness

Imagining Your Senses

Improve Your Physical Strength In 7 Days

Improving Peripheral Vision Awareness

Improving The Tactile Awareness Of Your Toes

Improving Your Kinesthetic Awareness

Improving Your Kinesthetic Instincts

Improving Your Magnetic Awareness

Improving Your Memory For Odors

Improving Your Tactile Discernment

Improving Your Taste Discernment

Improving Your Visualization Skills

Increase Your Energy, Increase Your Health

Inner Counselors For Solving Problems

Intuition, Hunches and Decisions

Journal Writing For Emotional Calming

Keeping Yourself Motivated

Kinesthetic Weight Determination

Learn Through Time Distortion

Learning Blindfold Chess Playing

Learning Foreign Vocabulary

Learning Observational Subtleties

Learning The Language Of Touch

Learning To Be Ambidextrous

Learning To Be Decisive

Learning To Brainstorm Problems


Lightning Calculating

Lightning Calendar Calculating

Listening With Better Attentiveness

Loci System For Remembering

Lucid Dreaming : Conscious Awareness of Your Drea...

Making Better Choices & Getting Unstuck

Making The Time

Making Yourself Too Heavy To Be Moved

Managing Your Anger

Manual Dexterity and Coordination

Mastering Analytical Thinking


Memorizing Sayings

Mental Addition

Mental Multiplication

Mental Projection

Mental Projection Into Objects

Mind Mapping

Mindfulness: Improving Your Conscious Awareness

Mirror Regression or Fantasy

No Vowel Shorthand

Numbing Touch For Pain Control

Observational Recall

Obtaining Money & Material Things

Pain Away Breathing

Pain Control Via Detachment

Past Life Fantasy or Regression

Peg System For Lists

Peg System For Numbers

Physical Tension Release

Polarize Your Energy With Breathing

Positive Affirming, Positive Living

Positive Energy Imaging

Positive Statement Practice

Positivity For A Better Memory

Practicing Allegorical Thinking

Prenatal Learning

Problem Solving Via Drawings

Problem-Solving During Sleep

Psionic and Psychotronic Generators



Reading Body Language

Reading People

Relaxation For Improved Awareness

Remembering Names

Remote Viewing Via Telepathy

Resolve Disputes In Your Favor

Rhythmic Breathing To Harmonize Body/Mind

Rhythmic Memorizing

Ridiculous Associations

Role Taking As An Actor

Scanning A Person

Seeing The Human Etheric Body

Seeing With Your Skin & Body

Self Induced Trance


Sending Bulk Information Telepathically

Sending Energy To Someone

Sensory Telepathy

Sentence Creation Out Of Letters

Shifting Your Conscious Awareness

Shredding The Envelope In Your Thinking

Simultaneous Motor Coordination

Skillful People Handling

Sleep Learning

Solving Problems With Intuition

Speed Reading At Over 2000 WPM

Swaying A Group Your Way

Swaying A Person Your Way

Tactile Temperature Determination

Telepathy With Animals

The Effect Of Symbols

Thinking As A Group

Time Awareness

Time Distortion

Understanding Any Spoken Language

Understanding Doubletalk & Buzz Words

Using Quartz Crystals

Using Self-Healing Thoughts

Using Sensory Learning Links

Using Your Peripheral Vision

Vibrational Effect On Plants

Vibrational Sight

Visual Telepathy

Weight Control

Word Creation

Writing & Speaking Simultaneously

Writing Mirror Language

Your “New Life” Mind Walk