Making The Time

Have you ever heard someone complain about something over and over, yet when helpful solutions are offered, no action is taken?

It's as if they wanted to stay stuck in their situation?

! Avoidance of responsibility and fear of making a mistake keeps many people confused.

It was once said, "Life is easy, it's the decisions in life that are tough.

" How many times have you thought or said you would do one thing, but wound up doing something totally different or nothing at all?

Do you put off or take the time to do little 3 minute tasks around the house?

So much time is wasted everyday by most people in unproductive pursuits and activities.

Have you ever said to someone, "I don't have time to do (such and such)?

" Some of the busiest people in the world find time in their lives to do the things they want to do.


They make the time by proper scheduling! To them, there is no such thing as not having the time to do something.

They create it by first NOT programming their minds that they don't have the time to spare.

As an exercise in utilizing all time morsels of the day to your advantage, carry a little jingle bell in your pocket as a periodic reminder.

Every time you hear the little bell tinkle, practice one of the manual exercises.

Stop exaggerating in conversations (review "Exercise -- Honesty For Better Clarity").

Issue positive statements to yourself and those around you (review "Exercise -- Positive Affirming, Positive Living").

Drink in and absorb the simultaneity of your surroundings (review "Exercise -- A Multiple Hearing Acuity").

See and don't just look at the diversity of your environment, and consciously remember more (review "Exercise -- Observational Recall").

Eliminate tension and stress in your life (review "Exercise -- Relaxation For Improved Awareness").

Do mental calculations (review "Exercise -- Mental Multiplication").

Observe and study people (review "Exercise -- Discerning Body Language").

Make use of the moments just before falling to sleep.

Implant a suggestion into the subconscious that can be acted upon during the night.

Heal and repair all your bodily cells.

Visualize yourself healthy, free of negativity or achieving some goal in life.

Make those time fragments, while driving to work or waiting for an appointment pay off for you through constant mental development.

Researchers say that over 100,000 of your brain cells deteriorate every day of your life! Perhaps if you started utilizing more of them, you could curtail this deterioration process.