Mental Projection Into Objects

All animate and inanimate things are in a state of vibration; and in that respect, any vibrational field emitted by one thing at the subatomic level affects all vibrational fields of other things around it -- whether it be directly or indirectly.

Whereas psychometry is a discerning form of attunement to the vibrations of objects that are handled, this exercise deals with getting you into sympathetic vibration with an object by merging your mentally projected body into that object.

This form of 'imaginative' travel frees you from the spatial limitations that you normally experience.

Whether the impressions that you perceive in this exercise are correct or not, they at least represent an experience with a different perspective.

As an exercise, assume a relaxed position in a chair or couch and do some deep, rhythmic breathing (review "Exercise -- Relaxation For Improved Awareness" and the breathing exercises).

With your eyes closed, imagine yourself blowing up like a balloon -- larger and larger, while 'feeling' yourself getting bloated and round.

Let yourself get as big as the room, as big as the house or as big as you can imagine yourself being, then stop and 'feel' yourself that way.

Now reduce yourself gradually down to normal size again.

Next, visualize yourself getting smaller and smaller like a shrinking man.

Let yourself 'feel' the shrinking process as you grow smaller and smaller until you are as small as you possibly can imagine, then stop and 'feel' yourself that way.

Now use a crystal, a rock or other object and imagine yourself going inside it.

Once inside, explore around with your senses.

What does it look and feel like?

Are there any sounds, tastes or smells present?

Experience and take note of them.

Now come out of the object and increase yourself to normal size again.

Take a deep breath, open your eyes and feel yourself alert and refreshed.

Project yourself into closed containers or envelopes and practice deciphering messages.

In Richard S. Shaver's book, "This Ancient Earth -- Its Story In Stone," he shows pictures of slices of common stones that he found in the countryside.

They depict incredibly detailed pictures of people, animals and structures! Just as we are now impressing pictures and information on computer chips of tiny crystals with laser beams, perhaps the ancients did something similar with pictures in rocks.

Whether they read them with some form of optical science or through mental projection is undetermined.

Project yourself into the stones in your area and see what you find.

Can you hear any voices or sound impressions in the stones?

What other sensory data do you pick up?

By mental projection, certain tendrils of the mind can learn to touch and interpret the glyphs of the ancient Mayans, Sumerians or Egyptians (see "Exercise -- Astral Projection Adventures").