Swaying A Group Your Way

Mob psychology or gang thinking simply refers to the suggestibility at work in a group.

One person coughs in a concert audience and soon others chime in.

Lynch mobs or groups that panic when someone yells fire are other examples.

It’s like a simple entrainment of mentalities on a basic, unconscious level.

To influence a group on a conscious level and sway them in your direction, consciously create the thought that all the people that hear you will be receptive to you and your ideas.

Continue mindfully to recharge that idea when addressing a group.

With this thought-form in mind, you have consciously created intention and you have moved in a committed way towards achieving a desired result.

To achieve whatever positive goal you want with a group of people, do the fol- lowing exercise: 1) Find a mutual area of agreement with everyone.

2) Cease any bickering by having the people confirm what they agree upon.

3) Start the people discussing the benefits they are seeking.

4) Every time there is progress toward your goal, have it confirmed by the group.

5) Offer several variations of your idea so that the group can discuss which variation to use, rather than whether or not to choose your idea at all.

6) Finalize the decision with action and get the show on the road.

Practice this exercise when you want to influence an audience, a group or a crowd.

Remember, if you act out your role as a convincing actor, people will believe you and eventually the role will feel comfortable for you to sustain as an altered behavioral pattern.

Understand that every thought you have has an effect in some way.

The clearer your intention and the more committed your action toward your intended goal, the easier and the faster you will achieve your goal.

You can choose to move through life in an unconscious, unmindful way or you can choose to move through life in a conscious, mindful way.