Astral Projection Adventures

After achieving an astral projection , what do you do then?

Since you cannot fall or hurt yourself, do some exploring and drift about the room from ceiling to closet, but stay calm.

The first time that you are out of the body CONSCIOUSLY will be a totally new experience, so don't become too startled by it.

Hover near your body and scrutinize it.

A little shocking, isn't it?

You never saw all the imperfections so vividly before?!

It's like the first time you heard your own voice on a tape recorder.

You didn't quite believe it was you! You'll notice the shape of all parts of your body, your complexion, the lines in your face, etc.

If you advance a little further and look into your brain, you'll see little quirks and phobias that may even cause you to jump back into your body out of sheer fright! After this initial encounter with yourself, you'll have to decide what to do next.

Perhaps you can visit a close friend or relative.

If so, visualize the person in considerable detail.

Visualize where he or she lives and precisely how to get there.

Since astral travel is new to you, project yourself along the same route that you would normally take to get to their house.

By doing this, you'll find that almost instantly you'll be there.

Once there, you may even have a conversation with your friend, but since you are not conversing with his physical self, he probably will not remember it later.

If he remembers anything, it may only seem like a wispy dream from his subconscious.

If his level of awareness is higher, he might remember everything.

With practice, you will find that you can visit any place -- high mountains, sacred temples, secret libraries (for all languages are interpretable in the astral), even the moon or other planets! By sleeping on your books and extending your astral body a short distance into them, you can even assimilate their contents into your subconscious.

Making conscious use of the subconscious well of knowledge takes a little more practice.

When you're on an astral journey it's impossible for you to get lost or to harm yourself or to find that your body has been taken over.

If another entity comes near your physical body while you are out of it, you will be reeled in with the speed of thought.

So DON'T be afraid.

You may meet lower and higher forms of life in the astral, but remember, they can do you NO harm.

Your own fear is the only real harm you can incur.

You will find that in the astral, colors appear more brilliant that in the physical.

You will also find that if you want to go to one place and a stray thought about another place occurs, your path is immediately directed to the other place.

In the astral, a thought is followed by automatic action.

When you want to return to the physical body, simply 'think' about going back and getting into your physical body.

In a blur of speed you will be back in your room viewing your fleshly body again.

Let your astral body sink back into your physical body very slowly to allow a perfect synchronizing to take place.

Sometimes if you go back suddenly and clumsily, there will be a misaligning that takes place.

You may find that you will physically rise up with a headache of some kind.

If this happens, simply sleep for a little while and allow the alignment to readjust itself naturally.

Once back in the body though, you will almost find a sensation of disappointment.

Your flesh-body appears stiff and heavy.

Colors appear dimmer again.

Sounds are less noticeable and even inaudible in your fleshly body.

With practice and with the elimination of fear, astral travel can become both educational and pleasurable.