Psychometry is the art of deciphering the personal vibrations emanating from objects with your sense of touch.

You might determine its origin, events occurring to it, who owned it and even the owner's state of mind.

Now enlist the assistance of an enthusiastic or sympathetic friend, one that wants the success of the experiment.

Let him take a pebble and wash it with soap and water as well as wash his own hands.

Now let him dry his hands as well as the stone.

Ask him to hold the stone in his left hand and think strongly about one thing for about a minute.

It can be a color, a feeling or an object -- just so he devotes his time thinking only of it and nothing else.

Next, have him temporarily put the pebble in a paper bag.

Now wash and dry your own hands and lie down and get comfortable.

Take the stone out of the bag with your left hand and hold it in your palm.

Let your mind go blank.

Soon you will get an impression, and with practice it will become more and more accurate.

Eventually you will be able to pick up a letter (even in a foreign language) and tell about its contents without opening it (review "Exercise -- Understanding Any Spoken Language").

One cautioning note, never use your power to take money from other people.

So-called "psychics" that take money for their "services" usually have little service to give.

Their "powers" cannot be switched on at will and whatever "powers" they did have are usually lost rather quickly when they give into selfish gains.

Practice this exercise and do good for those around you in a selfless way and never brag about the power you have.

Then you'll be more likely to keep it.

There are universal laws and vibrations that govern us.

Using your higher skills for selfish gains creates a lower vibration around you, and you quickly get out of 'synch,' causing your power to dissipate.