Polarize Your Energy With Breathing

By methodically and rhythmically breathing in oxygen, the mind and body are charged with energy.

By visualizing a positive energy flow as you inhale and a negative energy flow as you exhale, worries and anxieties can be dissipated from your mind.

When performing this polarization exercise correctly, a tingling sensation is often felt with each breath.

To begin this exercise, lie down on a couch or bed with your feet pointing south and your head north to align yourself with the earth's magnetic field.

Assume a comfortable, relaxed position with your hands touching the sides of your body, palms up.

Begin breathing through your nose with slow, deep, abdominal breaths.

As you inhale, visualize warm, bright yellow sun energy drawing through the top of your head, surging through your body and exiting through the soles of your feet.

Imagine this yellow sun energy as a positive current.

Now slowly exhale and visualize cool, blue moon energy being drawn up through the bottom of your feet, pulsing through your body, and exiting through the top of your head.

Imagine this blue moon energy as a negative current.

Synchronize this visualization of the inhaling yellow and exhaling blue with the breathing process, and experience a sensing of vibration internally.

This will not only improve your concentration abilities, but it will also charge up your body in preparation for any new tasks of the day.