Sending Energy To Someone

When you pray or think strongly for someone to receive good health, you are sending energy to that person.

Now there are many variables as to how a person processes available energy, but however the person is processing his available energy, you have increased the available energy to him or her with your kindly prayers.

The longer and clearer your prayer for that person, the more energy is provided.

Good health and high energy go hand in hand.

People with high energy are healthier than people with low energy, so increasing one’s energy level increases one’s health .

As an exercise in sending energy to someone, work with a partner situated in another room or in the same room with you but with his back toward you.

Both of you sit in a relaxed, comfortable position, and do some deep, abdominal breathing.

Both of you close your eyes and maintain a receptive or at least neutral, non-skeptical state of mind for the exercise.

Now visualize your partner's body and choose one area to send healing energies into.

Focus & emotionally feel the pulsating energy permeating & soothing only that selected area, perhaps like a funnel of energy.

Visualize your hands stroking and healing that area.

When your partner feels a sensation of warmth, or a tickling or anything else, ask him to indicate what area it is in.

If it's not the area you're visualizing, say nothing and keep sending energy to him until he gets the correct area, or you both get tired.

Pushing too hard loses the rapport.

A relaxed concentration is best.

Receptivity to your energy is also important.

If the person is closed or blocked, receiving your energy will be difficult.

As an exercise variation to the above, let several people send energy to the same predesignated bodily area of a subject , and follow the same procedure.

You might also use a psychotronic diagram or a crystal to amplify your results.

As an exercise to create a favorable effect on a person from a distance, sympa- thetically achieve a connected state or feeling to that person and see them in a healthy state, not in their ill state.

Bathe them with thoughts, prayer or feelings of love, joy, compassion, happiness and confidence.

Imagine a white bubble or funnel of such feelings and envelop them with it.

Visualize holding them and caressing them to your bosom.

Affirm to them mentally that their body is healing.

If a bad habit is their problem, see them radiantly without it and perfectly content; and know that it will be so.

Once you achieve sufficient amplitude and focus to your thought projections, helping someone at a distance will become easier, but be sure the person is open and expectantly receptive to the idea of your help, and not disbelieving or skeptically blocked to the process.

Depending upon many factors (the way they breathe, the emotions they express, the way they think about themselves, etc.), each person processes available energy differently.

By feeling compassionate love or great empathy, you can relinquish your personal ego and become part of something that is more than just yourself, and then you can truly help many people.