The Effect Of Symbols

the age of 5, the brain of a normal child is organizing information well enough to do so.

All environmental perceptions affect you through their form.

Through visualiza- tion, it is possible for a skilled individual to negate the effects of form, but for most people, how you resonate with form and the energies absorbed by it determines how you are affected by it.

To bring balance and harmony in your life, associate yourself with symbols that will benefit and help you.

As an exercise to test someone's reaction to symbols kinesiologically (see "Exercise -- Improve Your Physical Strength In 7 Days"), have the person stand in front of you with his right arm relaxed at his side and his left arm held straight out parallel to the floor.

Place your left hand on his right shoulder and your right hand on the person's extended left arm just above the wrist.

Without smiling or frowning (because this can affect the test), tell the person to resist with all his strength as you try to push his extended arm down.

Push down on his arm briefly and firmly and test the strength and spring in the arm.

Now show him different symbols to determine which symbols test weak and which test strong.

When he tests weak on a symbol and the arm goes down easily, then it is obviously a symbol affecting his energy system in a negative way.

Experiment with the 5-pointed star vs the 6-pointed star, a clockwise spiral vs a counterclockwise spiral, a hexagon vs a pentagon, the top half of a circle (a frown) vs the bottom half of a circle (a smile), etc.

In lieu of displaying the symbols physically, have the testee simply visualize them and note the results.

If no partner is available, use a kinesiometer or dynamometer for your own individual muscle testing.

Using the Greek cross where the vertical and horizontal arms are of equal length, most people do not test weak.

Using the Roman cross where the bottom portion of the vertical arm is longer diminishes your strength and you usually test weak.

The clockwise swastika was an ancient symbol of prosperity and good fortune before it became the emblem for Hitler's Nazi party.

Even Jewish concentration camp survivors test strong in its presence, displaying a level of symbol response that goes much deeper than individual feelings.

If you test for the counterclockwise swastika, you might be weak or strong depending on which cerebral hemisphere is dominant.

If you are cerebrally balanced, neither one will weaken you.

Also, the more "life energy" you generate (see "Exercise -- Increase Your Energy, Increase Your Health"), the less affected you will be by symbols or any other environmental factors.