Group Telepathy

When strong emotions are telepathically transmitted to people, consciously they often go unnoticed.

Subconsciously though, these telepathic energies ARE received by recipients on a subtle level, as evidenced by measurable blood volume changes in their hands.

Experiments reveal that these same physiological changes (registered on instrumentation) occur regardless of the distance between the sender and the receiver.

When two or more people concentrate in unison, the effect is magnified geometrically (not 1 + 1 . . . , but 1 x 10 . . .

Mob psychology or group hysteria is a good illustration in panic situations what can be easily "felt" by all who are present.

People at a sporting event, rock concert or public demonstration easily get caught up in the "electricity" or "atmosphere" of the gathering.

One Soviet experiment involved group telepathy in a boxing match.

Five trained telepaths beamed losing thoughts to the champion while another five telepaths beamed winning thoughts to the underdog.

The underdog won easily.

Review "Exercise -- Audio Telepathy," "Exercise -- Visual Telepathy" and "Exercise -- Sensory Telepathy.

" Perform these exercises with a group of senders and one receiver; then a group of receivers and one sender.

Show a group of senders a horrible scene of death to transmit to a receiver in another room, then have them transmit a beautiful picture of birth.

Experiment and choose other emotion-evoking scenes, but practice.