Changing Your Emotion Via Visualization

Negative and positive emotions are simply states of mind.

Change your state of mind and you change the emotion.

Wallowing in negative emotional states can be habit forming for some people, so this exercise will trick the negative, emotional part of the brain into relinquishing its hold.


Because first we're going to increase the amount of that negative emotion so that you can wallow temporarily in more of it.

This exercise will also work on headaches or certain types of specific pain as well.

Now lie down and relax yourself completely starting from your toes and working up to your head.

Focus on deep, abdominal breathing and get comfortably relaxed.

Now visualize a bright, yellow weather balloon in front of you, about 5 feet in diameter.

Picture it growing bigger and bigger until it fills the room.

Now visualize the balloon shrinking and shrinking down to the 5-foot size again.

Increase its size and shrink it back again 2 more times.

Now go through the same imaging process, but this time with your negative emo- tion or pain contained inside the balloon.

Increase its size and feel the emotion or pain growing as you do this.

Now decrease its size suddenly by punching a small hole in the side of the balloon, and envision the negative emotion or pain leaving the balloon as it completely deflates down to just an empty bright yellow balloon.

Bright yellow is an uplifting color, and often has startling positive effects.

You can also keep a yellow piece of construction paper (3" X 5") in your wallet or pocketbook to use as a pick-me-up during the day by just pulling it out and concentrating on it momentarily.