Swaying A Person Your Way

Nobody does anything in this world that he doesn't want to do.

In swaying a person your way, the point is NOT to get someone to do something against his will, but instead to get him to WANT to do it.

In this way, no resentment is built up and respect and cooperation are your rewards.

As a daily exercise, apply the following techniques to deal more successfully with people: 1) Get the other person talking about himself, family or possessions.

2) Put the other person in a yes saying mood by giving him a lot of other things he can say yes to first.

3) Give the other person a feeling of importance by seeking their advice.

4) Get the other person thinking about how the job can be done, so it removes any question in his mind as to whether it should be done.

5) Give the other person a choice between 2 alternatives, both of which lead to your goal.

6) Arrange it so that the person will benefit highly by changing to your position.

7) Always express appreciation and thankfulness to the people that have impressed you with their contribution.

8) Smile and use the appropriate body language (see "Exercise -- Discerning Body Language") that announces that you like the other person.

9) Imagine the other person is the ideal companion for you and that you like him tremendously (even if you thought you disliked him).

When you assume this feeling, you will undergo outward personality changes that the person will notice and be affected by.

If he doesn't like you initially, he will soon be doing so.

What do women find most appealing in men?

Is it good looks, muscles, a macho attitude or money?

-- maybe, but most of all, it's self-assurance.

When a man is self- confident, he is comfortable with himself and relaxed around women.

His eyes don't dart around to every pretty lass that passes by.

To get a woman to think you're sexy, exude self-confidence; then swaying a woman your way will be no problem.

If you want to turn women away, act insecure or unsure of yourself.

Also, since laughing releases endorphins in the brain, making a woman laugh relaxes any tenseness she has and she feels more at ease with you.

CAUTION: To act with an air of self-assurance to harmfully influence women is not the point of this instruction.

All mannerisms should be genuinely expressed and never as a fa├žade for insecurity.

If you are already self-confident, display it.

If you are not, aspire to achieve it.

To sway a man your way, a woman need only appeal to his macho attitude in some way.

Very few men are centered enough to withstand an appeal to their male egos.

In one way or another, if a woman tells a man that he is the best and most fantastic person (or lover) she has ever met, she will have him eating out of the palm of her hand.

Female spies, prostitutes and manipulative women have often used this tactic over the centuries to their advantage.

CAUTION: Again, it is not the point of this exercise for you to be disingenuous.

To grow and allow heart felt personality changes to manifest is far preferable to producing them in a phony way.

To convert an enemy to act as your friend, practice visualizing your enemy acting like your best friend.

When next you meet, treat him as you would your best friend by acting out the role.

His attitude has to change in response, and he will probably find himself liking you against his initial inclination! Treat everybody as a potential friend and they have to respond.