Visual Telepathy

Since Peter Hurkos and other telepaths have exhibited their telepathic abilities inside a Faraday cage, (a copper-walled enclosure with 25,000 volts of electricity shielding out even radio waves), thought energy does not solely function along electromagnetic theorems.

If fact, ESP experiments were performed at a phenom- enally higher success rate with this screening out of interfering, electromagnetic carrier waves of extraneous energies (see "Exercise -- Psionic and Psychotronic Generators).

Telepathy often seems augmented or combined with other energies like radio- microwaves, but at other times it acts totally independent of electromagnetic influence.

It appears that belief and faith are the thought processes that mostly affect the energy, combined with honesty and the positive higher emotions of love, compassion and happiness.

Practice trusting and loving yourself; and be truthful with yourself to allow your telepathic ability to improve.

Honesty gives you clarity by clearing away the blockages of muddled and secretive thinking (review “Exercise - - Honesty For Better Clarity”).

Then focus to differentiate your own thoughts from those of others.

At the very least, leave the possibility open in your mind that you can telepathically communicate.

Now take a partner of the opposite sex and sit in a relaxed position facing each other.

Silently look into each other's eyes.

Many feelings can be discerned by this form of eye contact.

As the sender, focus on one of these feelings to the exclusion of all others and emanate this to your partner.

Eliminate any negative feelings and concentrate on positive ones -- love, compassion, joy, humbleness, tolerance, forgiveness, charity, friendliness, self-sacrifice or even curiosity or determination.

Positive feelings always have a smoother frequency for transmitting purposes.

With practice, such feelings can be transmitted quite easily.

Now for this exercise, you need to clip various pictures from magazines dis- playing emotion-arousing scenes, like a kissing couple, a nursing baby, a starving Ethiopian child, a dying animal from an oil slick, a child playing, a leper, a praying nun, etc.

Whatever emotion each picture generates in you, hold onto that feeling as a carrier wave to transmit each picture to a partner acting as the telepathic receiver.

Keep your transmission as clear as possible during this process to allow the purity of the experience to unfold.

If necessary, visualize yourself with a gag in your mouth to quiet any internal verbalization.

How clearly a thought is transmitted depends on your ability to concentrate.

If conflicting thoughts intervene, the recipient will receive a blur.

It is interesting to note that since deaf and dumb people think more visually, they are often clearer telepathic senders of pictures.

Visualizing what you want to send while in the alpha/theta brain wave frequency (4 - 14 cycles per second) produces the clarity necessary for effective transmission of thought forms.

The earth resonates at 7.5 - 7.83 cycles per second, and synchro- nizing your brain wave output to this exact frequency produces natural amplitude to your telepathic energy.

Thought projections are associated with ELF (extremely low frequency) energy on the low end of the electromagnetic spectrum with very long wavelengths.

With sufficient amplitude, you can telepathically transmit ELF waves of illusion to onlookers and phase lock their minds into seeing something that's not really there.

The Indian fakir's rope trick is just one such illusion.

The Indian rope trick involves an illusion telepathically sent by the fakir into the minds of all the subconsciously susceptible onlookers.

Everyone except the occasional consciously aware person will be duped into seeing a scene that does not exist.

Wolf Messing was a reputed telepath that could send a visual illusion with such clarity that he once got past Stalin's bodyguards by implanting the thought in their minds that he looked like the head of the Soviet secret police.

For further proof of his power, he staged a fake robbery of a Soviet bank by pushing a blank piece of paper to the teller and implanting the visual illusion that it was a negotiable check for 100,000 rubles.

Since most people's minds are running on unconscious levels throughout the day, consciously synchronizing your thought vibrations can create resonant wave-locks with their minds.

When you transmit a clear and focused message to a unconsciously functioning person, the illusion is established.

By choosing the right moment, a telepathic visualization coupled with the proper verbal suggestion can work wonders.

For instance, the aforementioned bank teller and bodyguards were expecting what they saw.

Choosing the right moment is waiting until the person asks you into his 'sphere' by accosting or questioning you.

You can even create the illusion of invisibility through this technique of entrainment.

By entraining someone's mind into a resonant frequency with your own mind (like a strobe light brings about epileptic seizures in some people), you can implant the visualization of invisibility.

Remember, a person sees or perceives you with his brain, not his eyes .

A highly skilled person can simply reflect back your eye beam energy with an illusion of his own, rather than with what is really perceivable.

Sometimes the illusion of invisibility can be achieved by visualizing a person's sight buttons being shut-off, or that the light is not reflecting your image back toward the person's eyes.