Telepathy With Animals

Anyone who has owned a pet cat or dog is sure that their animal has picked up their thoughts from time to time.

Your emotional intention is what animals pick up, and they can pick it up even stronger when you look at them.

When you are sad or depressed, many pets will try to console you in your time of emotional need.

Conversely, you intuitively know when your pet is unhappy or sad as well.

In animals, emotions are clearer and more basic than human thought processes.

Honesty is natural with animals, so non-verbal communication between them is easy.

Dishonesty is a man-made trait and comes with muddled thinking and fractional brain use.

Animals use 100% of their brain and have no need of deception.

Nevertheless, the brain wave output of all animals lies in the same general ELF (extremely low frequency) range as in humans.

Perhaps this is why they can often home in on their masters from great distances.

There are numerous accounts of lost or deserted pets traveling across the country to reunite with their owners.

In one experiment, researchers had volunteers bring their dogs to a laboratory.

When the dogs' owners were "attacked" in a different room with surprise ice cubes down the neck, instruments recorded distinct physiological changes in the dogs.

As an exercise in communicating with your pet dog or cat, start with something that is familiar to it.

First, preface your telepathy with a lot of love and affection physically.

Emotions are already a universal language, and positive feelings lay the telepathic groundwork for a better rapport.

Now clear your mind of all inner thoughts and issue mentally the visualization of your pet's food in his bowl or the sounds of opening the can or any accompanying sensory data associated with the feeding process.

Imagine your pet eating the food while you emanate love and affection toward him.

At first, you might enhance the effect by looking into your pet's eyes, for there is a communicative energy transmitted by your eyes (see "Exercise -- Eye Contact For Inner Communication").

Later, even distant telepathic messages will provide little problem as long as you remember to transmit with emotion and feeling.

Visualize commands of "come," "sit" or "lie down" while seeing the animal doing the desired action.

Pulse your command with rhythm like in "Exercise -- Audio Telepathy.

Transmit simultaneously with 2 or more people and study the effect.

Don't forget to learn what your animal is projecting to you as well.

Clear your mind and let it run idle while you look at your pet.

Impressions will begin to form.

Experiment by projecting your mental body into your pet's mind (review "Exercise -- Mental Projection") and experience what your pet is feeling.

Even attaching a small crystal to your pet's collar can assist in amplifying your telepathic intention toward your pet as well as keep it healthy.