Imagine and Mind Walk Your Goals

Simply control and direct your own thoughts towards what you want out of life all there is to the process of getting it?

Why then do people so often obtain that which they don't want in life, instead of that which they DO want?

Could it be that they really don't know what they truly DO want, and when they do know what they want, their thoughts are not focused on it with enough clarity and duration to get it?

Do you inadvertently visualize in a worried fashion that which you DON'T want with more clarity and frequency than that which you do want?

The following positive imagery and mind walking exercise WILL work as long as it is maintained with more concentrated duration than your negative imagery -- and remember, keep your visualizations to yourself and free from other people's critical remarks (which can only undermine your belief in the imagery process).

Things of positive consequence in your life will happen when you consciously accept that they can happen.

Then your commitment and clarity of intention will draw to you what you seek.

We all create our own heaven or hell by the thoughts we carry inside of us.

Controlling your own thoughts takes practice, but the rewards are indeed quite great! Now take a minute and clarify in your mind what you would like to experience in your life.

Write it all down and put it in black and white.

When you read it later, it will look clearer and more plausible to you.

Goals give you purpose and direction.

Without goals, life has little purpose for most people.

To put a plan into action, you must have a vivid and clear description of it, so describe your short-term and long- term goals.

In seeking and receiving wisdom, the other things were also added unto him.

Choose a goal that by its nature will carry other favorable things with it in its natural fulfillment, and be sure that you're willing to accept the responsibility of all that it entails.

To affirm a definite purpose and decisively set forth a committed desire for a goal direction is empowering, because you become buoyed up in the flow of its action.

Also an accepting and a “letting go” process helps to keep you in the flow of receiving what you want.

Resisting and objecting to the process works against the flow of receiving what you want.

Getting what you want may not always take the path you might expect, so flow and accept whatever comes your way.

Now relax, get comfortable and do some deep breathing to allow all your pressure and tension to dissipate (review "Exercise -- Relaxation For Improved Awareness" and the breathing exercises).

Allow yourself to slip into a twilight state of mind just before the sleep level (review "Exercise -- Learning Self-Hypnosis").

Now use your imagination and create an image of what it would feel like if your dream or goal were fulfilled.

Visualize it for 7 seconds.

Don't just imagine a passive scene, but fully associate yourself with the goal experience of an active, vigorous scene.

Add to the goal as many details as you need, and visualize it again for 7 seconds.

Add to your vision all the sensory data and feelings of accomplishment you intend to achieve upon your goal's realization.

See where you want to be.

Hear the sounds of the people involved.

Feel textures and smell fragrances in your visualization.

Emotionalize with it, and visualize it in this way for 7 seconds.

Mind walk the whole imagery through to completion.

Think prosperity, achievement and success, and create a sincere longing for the fulfillment of your goal.

Now sleep for a few minutes to seal the experience into your subconscious.

Your expectant attitude and internal feelings of acceptance will take it from there.

Periodically throughout your day, replay to yourself this goal visualization, and guide your actions toward its completion.

Accept your imagery as if it has already taken place and watch how it completes that thought process to reality! Strong emotional imaging can activate your subconscious into realizing your goal, but conscious com- mitted action gets the job done.

Success is the ongoing process of striving to improve your situation in every way.

By taking committed action toward your goal, you are no longer sitting on the fence of indecision.

Clear action is how success can truly be yours.

So get to it, and let your impetus carry you forward.

Figure out the details while you’re in motion.

The clearer and longer that you practice this exercise, the better and faster the effect.

Naturally, a master will achieve swifter results than a neophyte.

When you know and once realize your true inner power, all is within your grasp.

Actually, directed goal realization differs very little from what happens more haphazardly in your life already.

The emotional images derived from fear, worry, anxiety and loneliness bring about their corresponding realities into your life the same as love, forgiveness, mercy and happiness.

Conscious clarity of directed thought can change your life! If you want to improve your body posture or physical appearance, examine that area and touch it with your fingertips.

Now shift your conscious awareness to the area and visualize it in its ideal state.

Maintain the visualization for several minutes.

Repeat positive affirmations as you do this.

Upon retiring at night, drift off to sleep holding a positive image of whatever goal you want to accomplish.

Let your inner self work on it throughout the night.

And remember, whatever you visualize for yourself, affirm it for others in a loving way, and it will help you both.

So create an impelling desire for what you want and visualize constantly to achieve it.

Then relax, and trust the process to manifest it.

Here are some key points to keep in mind: 1.

When you set goals for yourself, commit yourself to their achievement.

2. Don't make excuses for yourself. If you fail, try another tack, angle, plan, or direction.

3. Have a definite plan or strategy for reaching your goal(s).

4. Be willing to do what it takes to get what you want.

5. Stay "in action" and don't allow yourself to get sidetracked or to slow down just because things become challenging.

6. Don't blame others for anything. It serves no purpose, it takes you out of focus of your goals, and it is a big "energy drainer. You are responsible for your life and everything that happens in it.

7. If you falter at one stage of your goal, replan it, and start a new approach. Don’t delay for long or you will lose your momentum.

8. Be clear in your vision and keep your focus.

9. Ask for help from everyone you trust, respect and admire in helping you reach your goals. You'll be surprised at how willing many people are to help you.

10. Use positive "self-talk" and continue to believe in yourself and in your ability to get where you want to go and to do what you want to get done! Be consistent and keep your mind and heart in your project.