Vibrational Sight

With a group of 6 to 8 people, designate a leader and blindfold the rest.

Choose a location where disturbances are minimal and the people can be fed and housed for the night.

In the beginning, only blindfold the people for a few hours at a time to get them used to visual deprivation.

Give them snacks or breaks during these interims, then cover their eyes with the blindfolds again.

In the early stages, most of the people will move around with great caution, adding an occasional stumble or bump now and then.

Soon afterwards, a distorted sense of time develops along with a changing perception of where the walls and furniture in the room are situated.

At this point, sound, touch and fragrances become necessary tools in determining your orientation.

Since normally about 80% of all your sensory input is visual, that 80% has to now shift to your other senses.

Several hours through the exercise, you begin to move about with greater speed.

Twilight glimmers of the outside world and the people around the room begin to unlock your inner perceptions of awareness.

Have the people sleep blindfolded, and on the second day, eat blindfolded as well.

You will begin to experience on the second day an awareness through vibrations.

Objects, furniture and walls seem to announce themselves upon approach.

Movements outside among the trees and shrubs also become surer and quicker as the realm of vibrational sight expands itself.

It must be mentioned here that it is extremely important to have the right guide during this exercise, for feelings of panic and helplessness can easily invade your consciousness.

Also, if you have had a problem with mental instability, this exercise is not recommended.

After completing this exercise, your appreciation and perception in the sighted world will be greatly heightened, because you will always remember what the 'shift' to the other senses felt like.