Finding Things or People With Intuition

You can help to develop your intuition by exercising and applying common sense in your daily life.

Adopt a calm and peaceful nature.

Maintain a depth of thought and a focus on a continued activity in a singular direction.

Devote yourself to daily introspection and analysis, and most of all, meditate and hold on to the serene aftereffects of meditation to create an intuitive state.

When in a big city, almost everyone has had the experience of looking for a parking place in a congested area.

Instead of cursing the situation and creating negative thought impressions, quietly ask yourself in which direction is the nearest parking space.

When you get the hang of this exercise, the question turns into a knowingness and you just automatically 'home' in on the right street.

You start 'listening' to your feelings as to where to go.

There is a kind of an indicator off the skirt of your mind, and it's not so much in the trying as it is in the doing.

Follow your initial impressions and urges as to where to look.

Let your intuition be your guide and accept the fact that you CAN do it.

You can use the same basic technique in looking for lost or misplaced items or a friend in a crowd.

Let yourself be internally guided.

As you practice this exercise, you will notice that certain kinds of intuitive impressions are more productive than others.