Inner Counselors For Solving Problems

Few people become eminent men and women, but most people find themselves admiring other people of the past or present for the qualities they represent.

To utilize the vast storehouse of moral opinion and knowledge in your subconscious, the invisible counselor visualization is a powerful one.

Think of 2 or more people that you admire or respect because of certain attributes they possess and write their names down.

Now just before going to sleep at night, imagine these people sitting at a council table with you for the purpose of solving your problems for you.

Visualize an appropriate personality for each one and direct your problem to the council table for suggestions and a possible solution.

Do this nightly and you'll be astounded at the individual mannerisms and characteristics each imaginary person will adopt in relating to you.

This is just another method of drawing on your own inner reserve for assistance in problematic situations.

Dale Carnegie credited many of his successful decisions to a similar technique where he imagined certain of the world's greatest minds sitting at a meeting of his own personal board of directors.

Every time he had a problem, he would imagine going to his board of directors to seek the advice of those great minds.

The answers he got from them proved quite valuable to him.

A good variation of this technique is to visualize a constant companion or guide that is always with you throughout the day -- sitting alongside you in the car, chatting with you at the dinner table, walking with you on the beach, giving you love and positive encouragement, etc.

For Christians, Jesus Christ is an excellent companion for a troubled person.

With others, a different personage can be visualized.

Carl Jung had an imaginary old sage named Philemon who often gave him strong insight into the problem areas of his life.

In fact, much of the "channeling" of today is simply the creation of internal personality assists to guide people along.

Whether you read the Bible or ancient philosophical treatises, they all steer you toward the axiom: "The answers lie within you.

" Another variation is to fantasize new or problematic situations being properly handled by a visualized character model.

By picturing somebody you respect dealing with your problems or situational circumstances ahead of time, you can more effectively see how to put yourself in such situations.

In this way, you can get around any self-imposed limitations that are blocking your progress.