Intuition, Hunches and Decisions

Do you often experience mental chatter going on in the back of your mind, but every now and then something 'clear' pops up that tells you to do this or that?

When you follow those 'hunches,' they usually pay off.

Sometimes though, you don't follow your hunches and later you wish that you had.

This process of listening to and following your hunches simply amounts to capitalizing on the preconscious thought processes that comprise your intuitive level of thinking.

With practice, you can learn the technique of becoming aware of these subtleties and utilizing these fleeting moments of insight and intuition.

As an exercise, practice during the day being still for a few minutes at a time.

Suspend your thinking processes and simply 'drink in' your surroundings without evaluating anything.

Close your eyes and just listen to your internal voice.

Ask a question, pose a problem or express a desire; then listen for a subconscious answer.

Be patient with yourself.

This is not something you can force or get emotional about.

Calmly think and calmly feel everything.

Never be skeptical; never be excited or emotional.

Just allow your intuition to express itself.

Practice with some low-risk unimportant decisions at first to get yourself used to reaching that part of your mind, but practice.

Occasionally guess who it is when the phone rings, or who is going to win a ball game that means little to you, or whether the stock market will go up or down for the day, etc.

Keep track of your results by writing down your daily scores in a diary.

Many people make wrong investments because their thinking is distorted by greed, instead of being scientifically guided by intuition.

If you don't allow your emotions to cloud the issue, your intuition should grow stronger and more accurate.

Above all, keep an open and positively receptive attitude toward the process.

The feeling after or during deep meditation that gives you a peaceful, calm and happy feeling is the state of intuition.

Exercise and be aware of this powerful state on a daily basis.

Sometimes you may have a momentary flash of insight during the day, and without even trying to do anything you will have a foretelling vision of future events! The more you tune into your intuition, the easier the process becomes.

Eventually you will learn to rely more and more on your intuition before making any important business, social or spiritual decisions.