The human mind has a tendency to want to complete things that look uncompleted.

Many times problems keep rattling around in your mind going unresolved because you have not put the pieces together properly.

As a thinking exercise in completion, have a partner take any book and turn to a typical page.

Now have him choose a sentence and write on a blackboard or sheet of paper the words in a jumbled fashion.

You then unscramble the words and make a complete sentence out of them.

At first, choose small sentences and then advance to longer sentences as the exercise gets easier to do.

This exercise equips the mind with a better facility for putting words together in an intelligible sequence for interpretation.

Choose complete sentences in this exercise, not phrases or incomplete thoughts.

For example:.

Every in abilities day way every my are mental improving.


My mental abilities are improving every day in every way.

One interesting exercise to jog you into getting in touch with yourself is through the process of sentence completion.

Pick something that angers or frustrates you, like your job or a relationship.

Then write 8 to 12 endings to an incomplete sentence pertinent to the subject as rapidly and as spontaneously as possible.

If you get stuck, invent a completion, but don't give up or stop.

Continue on, regardless of whether any conflicting sentence completions pop up.

Look at the following example: "If I were to admit that my present relationship is bad for me_________" Possible Sentence Completions: 1) I'd have to have courage enough to break it off.

2) I'd have to face my friend's anguish.

3) I'd have to find someone new.

4) I'd have to face my own fear.

5) I'd hurt my friend.

6) I'd hurt myself.

7) I'd have to cope by myself.

8) I'd be alone.

9) I'd be afraid.

10) I could choose to be free.

Another beginning sentence could be:.

"Love with my spouse (lover) means to me._______".

1) ____________ (continue with several completions).

Let your spouse (lover) do the sentence completion after you do it.

1) ___________ (continue with several completions).

More simple sentence completions could be very revealing about your current state of mind, like:.

"People are________" or.

"My life is________" or.

"My work is________".

Get the idea?

Now choose a dilemma or problematic situation in your life and initiate the beginning of a sentence embodying it.

Then begin listing possible sentence completions to see where it leads you.

Some completed sentences might not make much sense, but others can be very revealing.

You'll find though that the more you understand yourself, the easier it will be to understand others and you will think clearer too.