Seeing The Human Etheric Body

Surrounding the human body are electromagnetic energy fields.

The 'corona' of the human body is the etheric body, and most people can see it with only a little practice.

It is the forerunner of the aura, but of a coarser consistency.

One way to see it is to get a willing partner to extend a bare arm.

Have their fingers outspread a few inches away from some neutral or black background.

Look towards the arm and the fingers, not directly at it, but towards it.

You'll soon find there is a particular knack at focusing on the background through your fingers, but seeing them with your peripheral vision.

Close to the skin will be seen a bluish or grayish haze that will extend from 1/8 of an inch to maybe 6 inches from the body.

Relax and don't strain the process, and pretty soon you'll see there really is something there.

Another way to see the etheric body is to practice on yourself.

Sit comfortably about 6 feet from a blank wall.

Relax and take several deep, abdominal breaths.

Extend your arms to full length and place your finger tips together with the thumbs up.

Now part your fingertips slowly to about 1/4 of an inch and you will see something like a gray mist that is almost luminous.

If you draw your fingers apart by another 1/4 of an inch, you'll discern the etheric body more noticeably.

Keep practicing the touching and parting until you see "something.

" It's just a matter of practice.

When you get good at it, you'll notice that it flows from either the left hand to the right hand or from the right to the left.

This flow depends not only on your sex, but on your state of health as well as your thoughts at the time.

Now alternate the flow back and forth with your thoughts.

Another technique is to extend one index finger vertically away from your eyes and look at it.

Then put your other index finger in front of the first.

Begin moving the back index finger away from you slowly while focusing on its movement.

After reaching arm's length, begin slowly moving it back to the first finger.

Repeat the process, but this time focus on the moving finger, while directing your conscious awareness to the ghost finger (review "Exercise -- Improving Your Peripheral Vision Awareness").

Do this several times.

Now reverse your hands, and repeat the process.

Afterwards, close your eyes and visualize in your mind's eye this back and forth, 2-finger process.

By practicing these drills, seeing the etheric body will come quickly and easily.