Word Creation

Out of the name, Marilyn Monroe, make as many words as you can of 3 letters or more from the letters in the name that are not foreign words, abbreviations, con- tractions, proper names or slang.

Time yourself for 2 minutes.

This simple exercise increases your imaging ability as well as your ability to see things from various angles.

Practicing this in a timed condition improves your alacrity of mind too.

Now take another name and do the same thing, but write all the words backwards, instead of forwards.

As an intuitive variation to this exercise, use the name of someone with which you are currently involved or with which you are contemplating a relationship, and write as many meaningful words as you can using only the letters in their name.

Oftentimes, you will find that single words or groups of two words or more put together will carry a message of importance to you about this person or your involvement with this person.

Now list as many 3-letter words as you can on a separate sheet of paper that contain the letter "G" in the word.

Time yourself for 3 minutes.

If you got over 25 you did well.

Next, write as many words of any length as you can with the letter "J" in them, but not being the first letter of the word.

Time yourself for 3 minutes.

If you got over 25, you're on the way to mental mastery.

Write as many 4 letter words as you can where the following pairs of letters come in the beginning, middle or end of the word.

For example, if your letter pair was at you could write oats and atom and chat.

Now time yourself for 2 minutes on each of the following pairs of letters and see how many words you can create.