Asking For Inner Guidance

In times past, people were often thought to be crazy if they heard "voices" in their head.

Nevertheless everyone has experienced that little voice call your "conscience" in the back of your head telling you right from wrong in times of dilemma.

As a prelude to the following exercise, do "Exercise -- Better Breathing, Better Emotions" first.

Now in a relaxed state, say to yourself 3 times, "My inner eye and inner ear are now opening to receive the intuitive expression of inner guidance that I seek."

Afterwards, sit in silence and await the answer to which you are seeking.

It'll come and you'll be surprised at first.

Then you'll wonder if it is an outside entity speaking to you or just your own "conscience.

What does it matter -- as long as the answer is true enough and you can relate to it?

You might even prime the process by getting into the habit of a little self-talk each day.

Then openly listen for the answers that come and start a dialogue back and forth.

Visual minded people can sometimes access the same guidance through letting the non-dominant hand write the answers.