Solving Problems With Intuition

Intuition has been defined as a knowledge gained without rational thought, and it often includes subconsciously perceived information.

It's like knowing something without knowing how you know it.

Intuitive people tend to be independent and self- confident.

These qualities are needed requisites to be open to this unpredictable, surprising and often unconventional source of knowledge that comes from within yourself.

Nevertheless, this is a brain skill that can be learned.

Now get into a comfortable, relaxed position and do some deep, abdominal breathing (review "Exercise -- Relaxation For Improved Awareness").

Quiet your mind.

Concentrate and review your problem thoroughly from all angles with as much information as possible.

Suspend your judgment; then simply 'let go' and don't think about the problem anymore.

Allow yourself a sense of alert awareness.

Tune in and be aware of yourself physically, mentally and emotionally.

Visualize yourself on a relaxing train journey crossing the country.

Feel calm and relaxed as town after town, home after home pass on by.

With no thoughts of any cares or worries, you're simply observing the world go by.

By letting the logical mind rest, the intuitive mind often comes up with the answers after your conscious focus has been switched away from it.

Do this "stating of the problem and letting go procedure" just before you meditate or go to sleep and the solution will frequently pop up later.

Where do these answers come from?

First, they come from your own accumulated source of knowledge and experience; second, from the minds of others picked up telepathically; and third, from the universal consciousness of Infinite knowledge.

Sometimes the answers come in the form of symbolic visions or dreams.

So be alert to them.